Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Ask Questions...

While I was in NYC I saw these in MOMA... Shatterproof, super chic, super fab, super mod - cutting boards? WHAT!!!
Did I mention these are glass? I just don't quite understand how they are unbreakable and have a lifetime guarantee to not break...ok that is just weird...and freaky...Tech geeks and cooks alike everywhere rejoice..
Super Small Kitchen?

no problem...this is a multipurpose Cutting Board, Counter prep space, Trivet or Server...oh yeah, and did I mention it is so totally nifty looking, dress up your counter top...a great gift, my present of the week.

Luggage Fluff!

Okay so you have been waiting to get away and now your trip is right around the corner. Dress your luggage so you can find it in the sea of black look-alikes...get a fluff luggage tag...!

You may need more than one..
For $11.oo each you should get a few for the girls too...

Even better news, I have about 20 other designs in the store so come visit Red Pineapple soon okay!
I also brought in some travel sets, ( for only 20 dollars) you get a luggage tag in a clear bag with 3 empty containers for you lotions and potions...just the right size for your carry on...xoxox your favorite shopper

ps I could not decide which I like so I have a small animal family now living on my suitcase...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What is new and fabulous, for your four legged love?

Whooohoo! We got some really great new goodies...

The cutest dog toys ever...okay cats like them too...I will post a picture of Teddy my cat with his new toy, as soon as I can get it out from under the bed!

So here are the best dog toys ever, you know who you are!!! Only the most spoiled pooches should have them!

And yes there is press....lots of press so I am sure you have seen them! So cute and only $13.00 get them for fluffy and all her friends...xoxox nalani