Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Fabulousness just arrived!

Boxes and Boxes of pretty summertime goodies have been appearing in Red Pineapple...Here is a sneak peek of what arrived just this week!
(hey sorry this blog is messy today my computer is just not cooperating...but wanted to share the photos)

Delightful serving bowls in a yellow that may force me to repaint my entire kitchen! Sunny Sunny Sunshine! love it....$32.00

Nine flavors of Sarabeths Spreadable fruit...If you are missing the fresh summer-y fruits from the farm stand come and get a jar of Mixed Berry or Blood Orange and you will soon remember how good fruit is over your ice cream and how good a PBJ sandwich REALLY tastes! $14.00
Also adore her Granola because it is not super sweet, just enough to eat with my yogurt...yum.

Of course I love my paper are some great paper mouse pads with initials for everyone on your list! $16.00

Sassy cosmetic bags from Tokyomilk...$15.00
Paris inspired pill boxes and card cases...$10.00 and $14.00
Here Pretty Pretty Piggy...I could not resist picking these piggy banks at market..for only $15.00 you should get a herd...or gaggle..a flock..humm what do you call a bunch of pigs anyway?

Traditional Glass Indian Bracelets...In beautiful jewel tones to match all your summer outfits! Set of three to mix and match for $25.00
Green is the new black...sip a little summer with some new coffee cups from Rosanna or serve your summertime pudding in these great cups with cotton napkins to match. Set of four mugs $45.00 set of six napkins $20.00
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Summertime girl Nalani