Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here is the article from Midweek, I got some calls that people could not open it from the link! Sorry!

Wednesday - April 09, 2008 By Sarah Pacheco
Spring cleaning has officially invaded closets around Hawaii. While some people relish digging through drawers and dressers, others cringe at the thought of the loads of laundry they will have to dispose of somehow.
That’s where Nalani McLaughlin Holliday comes in. Better known for her creative and eclectic specialty boutique Red Pineapple and own line of tasty treats called Auntie Nalani’s Cookies, Holliday has decided to lend a hand to her customers this year by putting on a clothing drive. And if the in-store discount doesn’t get people in the door, knowing that their used clothing will be donated to several charities both here and abroad certainly will. “Anytime you see people give, it makes you feel good,” Holliday says with a smile. “I am hoping everyone who takes part in this project feels good.”
One do-gooder close to Holliday’s heart is Oprah Winfrey. Stepping into the Ward location, many of the shop’s shelves are lined with products recommended straight from O magazine. In fact, it is the new reality show Oprah’s Big Give (Holliday and husband Christopher have been addicted since the show’s premiere last month) that motivated Holliday to start a giving project that would also get her customers involved.
“I want people to think outside of the box, and I want to inspire others to do good, to give and to say thank you to others that are helping,” says Holliday.
So when employee Natasha Senieur approached Holliday last month and said she wanted to help the Sirende orphanage in Africa, Holliday realized this was her “ah-ha” moment, the time when she could use her store as her own big give vehicle and have customers get on board.
“I know people have huge hearts out there,” she firmly avows. “It is apparent that sometimes people need to be pointed in the giving direction, to open up their wallets and hearts. I also think you should move toward and reach out to projects that make your heart smile.”
All donated keiki clothing will be shipped to the African orphanage, while Holliday and her employees will sort through and give the remaining garments to local agencies PATH (Perinatal Addiction Treatment of Hawaii), Dress for Success and Catholic Charities.
Bring in a bag of clean, unwanted clothing to Red Pineapple (located ground level next to Borders in Ward Centre) now through April 21 and not only will you have a chance to free up some closet space for a good cause, you’ll get 10 percent off all purchases. For more information, call 593-2733 or visit

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just can't find the right words...well, Red Pineapple just got in some very sassy, fun, but...very adult stationary...I mean unexpectedly naughty!

Let me just say that there are a few "F" words in there...If you are in the store you may need to ask for them, we have them out of reach from smaller hands and young eyes. I found them in a little-itty bitty stationary store on Abbot Kinney...a great little street in LA filled with delightful boutiques, Red Pineapple really wants to open there!
These cards are sassy, naughty and probably only fit for your REALLY close friends. However, with that said I sold half of what I brought in on the first evening I unpacked them...The funny thing is the cards are just beautiful so there is a bit of tongue-in-cheek comedy as the words written in flawless letterpress are just so Wrong! Who would think the word "slut" could look so impeccably beautiful!
We have single cards, small note pads and post-its...
Okay enough about for something NICE...
Oh my we have about 12 huge garbage bags filled with clothes...the clothing drive is going great! thank you to everyone who has wanted to make a difference. If you missed it, there was a great article in Midweek this week..

Have a great Saturday...More tomorrow