Sunday, December 6, 2009

Never Serving White Elephants...

I will be giving all my BFFs this for Christmas...a Tea Forte Mixology Kit...Tea that can be blended for a nice Kick in cocktails comes with cool glasses, Tea and recipes...Martinis anyone?
Gifts have been arriving by the boatload...literally! Have you been to Red Pineapple lately? We are bursting at the seams...tons of gifts and great stocking stuffers and yes goodies for that $10 grab-bag too! Lovely Journals, Jeweled Pens, Tea for One Sets...for the fussy Aunt...

Take a peek!
We got in lots of stocking stuffers too..ladybug thumb tacks duck paper clips, candies, cookies, sushi magnets - (yes sushi)...come in quick before they are gone!

Chalkboard Frame...great family gift or for the boss who secretly loves to play and not work...
We just got these guys back in stock...a fun twist on a traditional have to admit these are really cute.
what do you do at Four AM...I am on my blog keeping you posted...xoxo the Christmas Fairy. Where is my wand!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sassy Stocking Stuffers

Come in and see my new line from Surat...yes you will love the quirky stuff, Mermaid Hairbrush, Cute umbrella ladies, and the ballerina pens that will make you want to sign your name..

And if you need some snacks...we got in Hampton Popcorn, Caramel, White Cheddar and Parmesan. Also Funky Chunky...yes I ate this for lunch yesterday...Peanut Butter, Caramel and Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Candy Cane Popcorn and Chocolate Caramel and Pecan Popcorn...Yikes they are almost too good to be true....

See you soon...bring your list!

xoxo Red Pineapple

Friday, November 20, 2009

Keep your eyes peeled for our new Glamour Wrap!

Rugby got a Christmas Present early! come and get one for your pooch. $13.00 Chewy Vuitton.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween, Green and Christmas

First things first, just unpacked Glasses in from Oprah's O list...delicate, beautiful, come for one or...six. It is that time of year...Christmas is coming just as the last bits of our Spooky Halloween goodies are being snached up.

Gifts and goodies for the Holidays are coming in by the boxload!! And everything smells good, looks good, feels good and will just plain make you happy!
Great gift. Glass candle log. Two sizes that hold 3 candle or 5. Gift of the week for anyone on your list.

Also got some really good gifts from Roost. New hand painted glasses. A glass Water bottle so if you need to be green with the bold "look of plastic" this is for you..I saw it in a magazine but can't find the clipping so if you see the press it got could you email it to me!! thank you.

So many new things I will do a few posts this weekend so you can get caught up! Where are you anyway? Come into the store and fill up on the goodness. Happy joy JOY! nalani

Saturday, September 26, 2009

School of Chocolate

So I know you have had the traditional Mariebelle Hot Chocolate...No? Well lets start here...
MarieBelle™ Aztec Hot Chocolate is made with rich, single-origin Colombian cacao. This smoky, perfectly smooth hot chocolate ...Remarkably, easy to prepare, mix with boiling water to create a full-flavored cup of European-style hot chocolate, or with milk for more traditional American-style hot chocolate. Refrigerate the European version to transform into a dark Creme de Chocolat, perfect alone or in pies.

Now that you have had the best Hot Chocolate EVER lets push the envelope!

Like Tea? Love Chocolate
How about trying some
Dark Obsession Chocolate Rose Tea
Black Ceylon tea is deliciously flavored with chocolate extract, and embellished with pink roses. Delightful and sweet.

Too much chocolate, we have a lovely Jasmine tea for you...

Not your cup of tea, you say "I'm more of a coffee person myself"
Got something for you too my dear...

Cafe Copan
MarieBelle introduces a single origin Honduran coffee shade- grown in the highest mountains and impeccably roasted then presented to you in a beautiful red and gold tin. Medium and dark roasted coffee in three delicious blends: MarieBelle Copan Espresso, Copan Regular, and Copan Regular with Chocolate Infusion.

Let me just say it is like dessert and your morning coffee in the same cup..

What? Dessert? Oh we have that covered too.

Not only do we have the traditional Mariebelle Chocolate bars but we now have MarieBelle New York's Biscuits au Chocolate which are delightfully crispy and buttery biscuits that impart a warm chocolaty flavor with each crunchy bite. These confections are perfect an as accompaniment to mid-day tea, or to simply enjoy out of the box.

Need a little more chocolate education? Best way to learn is to eat it! Come and get some today!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This has been happening all week...These little handmade BlaBla stuffed creatures have been going out the door...and it seems they leave in pairs...but who could say no to these charming little faces...ha ha come and see for yourself! $28-$48.00

We have been making gift baskets like CRAZY...this one was sent to a Noble Peace Prize winner...
And I still found time to have fun at are our wall sticker frames...they will not hurt paint, wall paper or hideous wood paneling! Yippie for color. Pink in stock today black and gray will be in later this week... $22.00 set of 8 frames
Did I tell you we now carry really beautiful single sheets of wrapping paper... $4.00Did you miss our trunk show with One Hula Girl...don't panic we will do it again, and if you have a favorite hard to find designer or creator of beautiful, irresistible goodies let me know, I want to do a trunk show once a month...cheers and happy Monday! Nalani

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Hula Girl Trunk Show this Sunday!

Red Pineapple is Having a trunk show! What fun! Join me in indulging in some great pieces from One Hula Girl! Save the date: September 20th 11-2pm.
Love these Tees and Yoga Yummies from One Hula Girl...
I found Marty at the Made in Hawaii show and couldn't get enough of the pretty-pretties! After getting one of each, I know naughty right! I have been wearing them and washing them and I love the quality. Because you know I only share what I LOVE! Soft Cotton in unusual shades of pinks blues and grays and the prints are in these neat metallic shiny like beads...Soft and Sparkly my favorite combination. Love the simplicity and practicality of her could do a downward dogs or go to lunch in them...
Need a pre-view? take a peek at her lovely site
Come to our Trunk Show in the store on September 2oth!
All day but if you come between 11-2pm Marty will be here, come and meet her and oh yes pick up a few of your own One Hula Girl treats...
(these make great Christmas presents so bring your list)
need more info, call us at the store anytime 593-2733
Aloha and Cheers!
PS this is just the first of a series of trunk shows so stay tuned...

Love to find new stuff!

You must know by now I love to find fun new stuff...especially things that are super clever...
Take a peek at these from Butch and Harold. These frames are removable and will not damage painted walls or wallpaper. How smart is that!

Set of 8 frames will make a great statement in a room full of blahhh....What a great idea for a rental, dorm room or kids room... $22.00

We have a room with hideous wood paneling and I used two packages to fill the wall it looks great...yes I will post a picture as soon as I can find the cord for the camera! AHHG!

What else...Halloween has arrived and is slowly creeping out of the boxes...
Keep an eye on the blog for more photos and for news about our Trunk Show next Sunday!
xoxo Nalani

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Need a little romance

I know we have had some hot summer nights but maybe you need something to turn up the heat somewhere specific. Like the bedroom...
AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Oil Candle With Body Brush Light AFTERGLOW and use it as a candle, then blow it out, dip the Body Brush in the warm oil, and paint it on the skin. When heated, Jimmyjane’s proprietary formulation liquefies into high-slip massage oil that softens and hydrates the skin. Our natural blend of spa-grade ingredients features a precise balance of Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Aloe and other botanical extracts to offer silky sensation at the perfect temperature.More than a candle, it’s a massage.
So busy thinking of the massage I forgot to tell you how nice they smell!... Cucumber Water, Bourbon, Dark Vanilla, Fig Leaf, Pink Lotus and Black Current. A sassy way to spice up an evening...$26.00 They come in a box with the matches and brush great for a hotel visit!

Spin the bottle for the new couple...
SPIN ME Game of Mischief Remember Spin the Bottle? Well, we thought we would raise the stakes a bit. The game of our youth lacked a bit of variety, so we've added a few plot twists. Some of those twists are G-Rated; others are closer to R or even...
If you bring it to a bridal shower, make the bride open the is a great laugh to hear her read them out loud!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Oranges, kiwis and tomatos sure are nice

Hi there...lots of new things arrived this week at Red Pineapple! Look at these super kool cutting boards made of tempered glass...they are unbreakable. Multi-functional cutting boards that are heat resistant for your hot pots and make awesome serving trays. They should have been called something like 3 in 1 fun and fabulous kitchen goodness...or something like that. We have had them in rectangular shapes and one pattern in the round shape but they did so well I had to get a few more pattern...$38.00
And more for the kitchen. Check out this colander that folds flat into your drawer. I got it in Pink because...who else has a PINK colander??? $25.00
This will make a great wedding gift and is my favorite gift... ah..right now. I have one in MY kitchen because god I sure have a lot of stuff in my kitchen and I NEED space friendly kitchen stuff and oh yeah, totally cute and colorful. Feeling inspired gotta go now and bake a cake...see you at Red Pineapple. $55.00

PS Wine and cheese TONIGHT at Red Pineapple...come for a visit!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What a nice picture of Red Pineapple! This was on a Japanese website and I guess we were just on TV in Korea! Wow!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sold so many of the delicate Meadow glasses that I brought in some new patterns, you are going to have a hard time picking so just go nuts and get a few!

Don't be afraid of your Birthday silly! It is another day to celebrate!! What? It's not your birthday? Well it is time to celebrate ANYTHING, grab a Candelabra and make up your own celebration!

The evening news is so serious...come in for a little fun! Whooo hoo!
Lots of new wonderful goodies here in Red Pineapple, come and take a peek, carve out some time in your day and visit my happy place, spread the love with a gift for your BFF...
xoxo nalani