Friday, July 31, 2009

Oranges, kiwis and tomatos sure are nice

Hi there...lots of new things arrived this week at Red Pineapple! Look at these super kool cutting boards made of tempered glass...they are unbreakable. Multi-functional cutting boards that are heat resistant for your hot pots and make awesome serving trays. They should have been called something like 3 in 1 fun and fabulous kitchen goodness...or something like that. We have had them in rectangular shapes and one pattern in the round shape but they did so well I had to get a few more pattern...$38.00
And more for the kitchen. Check out this colander that folds flat into your drawer. I got it in Pink because...who else has a PINK colander??? $25.00
This will make a great wedding gift and is my favorite gift... ah..right now. I have one in MY kitchen because god I sure have a lot of stuff in my kitchen and I NEED space friendly kitchen stuff and oh yeah, totally cute and colorful. Feeling inspired gotta go now and bake a cake...see you at Red Pineapple. $55.00

PS Wine and cheese TONIGHT at Red Pineapple...come for a visit!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What a nice picture of Red Pineapple! This was on a Japanese website and I guess we were just on TV in Korea! Wow!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sold so many of the delicate Meadow glasses that I brought in some new patterns, you are going to have a hard time picking so just go nuts and get a few!

Don't be afraid of your Birthday silly! It is another day to celebrate!! What? It's not your birthday? Well it is time to celebrate ANYTHING, grab a Candelabra and make up your own celebration!

The evening news is so serious...come in for a little fun! Whooo hoo!
Lots of new wonderful goodies here in Red Pineapple, come and take a peek, carve out some time in your day and visit my happy place, spread the love with a gift for your BFF...
xoxo nalani

Friday, July 10, 2009

Birds of a feather flock together...

Birds of a Feather Flock together, so you should come in and join us at Red Pineapple...
New BlaBlas...the Mermaids are a hit but I have a bunny a cat and a dog too...

So many new Siggs in!
Since we just saw in the news that our bottled water is not regulated but our tap water is...we should surely be drinking more of our fabulous fresh tap water.
Can you believe there even is a new name for people who drink too much bottled water, since there is no fluoride added to the water! is called yuppie mouth! I wonder when that will appear in the dictionary! So come in if you want to avoid yuppie mouth ! Ha Ha I think the name is so funny I started laughing when I heard it on Fox News...I got in more cleaning brushes and lots of bottles to select from.
If you are feeling very green you should come in for some Envirosaxs, we have just about all the patterns available so come in and get a few!

What else is new...some really terrific bells that are antiqued, great gifts for those hard to buy for people...

One more treat...

Yes, this is Paris Hilton...and we have the dogie bed back in stock so if you have a fluffy that knows her brands you may want to come in for one of these, I have the traditional Brown Chewy Vuitton and I have the white with colored logo embroidery...SO Fabulous! We love you Fluffy!

We have sold a few so I will post some pictures soon of our favorite pooches! Thank you to those mommas who have sent us pictures!

See you soon...