Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you miss me?? I have been kidnapped by facebook

hi there i did not ignore you on purpose I PROMISE... Facebook had me captive...so look me up find me on the red pineapple page..facebook is so much easier to upload I have been posting pictures every day! Red Pineapple Honolulu

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What time is it? Time for Great Art, Squirrels and Black Salt...

NEW! From the great guys at Kahala FRESH - Beautiful Hawaiian finishing salts in Black, Green, Red and Pink...wonderful!
Black - Infused with Charcoal which is widely known for its ability to absorb toxins in the body. - Especially beautiful sprinkled over your favorite white fish...such drama! I love it! Slightly smokey.
Green-Is made with Bamboo extract it contains Antioxidants and Amino Acids and most widely used in Asian Dishes
Pink - Isn't it pretty!!
Red - Infused with clay which gives it a bit of an earthy flavor. It is often used for its spiritual and health benefit's. The most widely used Hawaiian Salt great on poke,
Lots of ceramic wonders arrived, beautiful pedestals, ceramic cupcake containers...oh so cute!
Organic Mini Caddys and Big Toy Bins from 3 Sprout in Canada... $26.00 and $45.00
New Art from Papaya... a great way to get inspired to redo that room that has been on the to-do list..$50.00

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wine Owls and Colored Pencils

It has been a busy busy summer at Red Pineapple...so busy I forgot to blog! I have been so caught up with Facebook I forgot about you!
So if you are not already following us on facebook join in!
look for me... Red Pineapple Honolulu... I am sure there is some way to insert a snazzy F for facebook but I am just not that savvy!!
Anywhooo I hope you have been in the store enjoying the spoils of summer like Pack-it and Lollia and Roost and all the new and wonderful teas from Tea Forte...here are some pictures so if you have not been in recently you should make some time to get some eye candy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

UH OH!!!

Hi all you Super Fabulous Red Pineapple fans..
just letting you know our website has a bug so we are trying to fix it, so sorry for the inconvenience!
We are going crazy getting the kink out!
We should be back on track on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Should you have any questions about our products or gift baskets please
call us!!
Red Pineapple Peeps

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Fabulousness just arrived!

Boxes and Boxes of pretty summertime goodies have been appearing in Red Pineapple...Here is a sneak peek of what arrived just this week!
(hey sorry this blog is messy today my computer is just not cooperating...but wanted to share the photos)

Delightful serving bowls in a yellow that may force me to repaint my entire kitchen! Sunny Sunny Sunshine! love it....$32.00

Nine flavors of Sarabeths Spreadable fruit...If you are missing the fresh summer-y fruits from the farm stand come and get a jar of Mixed Berry or Blood Orange and you will soon remember how good fruit is over your ice cream and how good a PBJ sandwich REALLY tastes! $14.00
Also adore her Granola because it is not super sweet, just enough to eat with my yogurt...yum.

Of course I love my paper treats...here are some great paper mouse pads with initials for everyone on your list! $16.00

Sassy cosmetic bags from Tokyomilk...$15.00
Paris inspired pill boxes and card cases...$10.00 and $14.00
Here Pretty Pretty Piggy...I could not resist picking these piggy banks at market..for only $15.00 you should get a herd...or gaggle..a flock..humm what do you call a bunch of pigs anyway?

Traditional Glass Indian Bracelets...In beautiful jewel tones to match all your summer outfits! Set of three to mix and match for $25.00
Green is the new black...sip a little summer with some new coffee cups from Rosanna or serve your summertime pudding in these great cups with cotton napkins to match. Set of four mugs $45.00 set of six napkins $20.00
Hope to see you soon...by the way did you "like" us yet on facebook???
Summertime girl Nalani

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thomas Paul pillows

Come and get a little pretty...give your couch or your bed a little facelift...
Be careful..you may want to go get a few gallons of paint, redecorating is addictive!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Packit! Great for your lunch or the beach...filled with ice packs, put it in the freezer over night and pack your lunch in the morning...then it stays cold for 10 hours!!!seven colors $24.00
As seen on Martha Stewart...it like a personal refrigerator!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dirty Birdy get clean!!!

Fresh from France! Beautiful Soaps that smell like summer... Big Bars $12.00

Need more than just some lovely soap..how about a great bath powder perfect for a long soak..I love the Happy Dirty Bird it smells like fresh cut lemons... $5.50


Colorful Cups, Cute Tea Strainers and lots of new goodies!

Love the pretzels...just arrived, in Honey Wheat, Cajun, Garlic and Pepper and Seasoned...Only $3.50 each so come and try them all!

These Duckie Tea Strainers are so adorable I took one home already...Yes it is perfectly okay to use your fancy tea!
Back in stock! colorful Ecocups! Fun colors. Come and stock up for Easy gifts...
XOXO Nalani

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Hanna...

Hello Hanna...

Hello Hanna now let me see your clever little pop-up placemats!
Each set comes with a variety of stickers so you can change the way she looks or for the boys...robots...

These are great and I bet when you open the package for your kiddies you are not going to be able to keep your OWN hands off of them...Package of Eight placemats each with their own sheet of removable stickers.
I think the animals below are my favorite...

So much fun who needs breakfast or dinner, lets just PLAY!

Available in Robots, Animals or Little girls! $18.00

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have you tasted a sweet cloud....out of a bag??

This is what I made this weekend...Handmade Marshmallows from Butter Baked Goods, Dark Chocolate and fresh Ginger Cookies...ohh laa laa...

You know I always love to find things that have won the Fancy Food Festival Awards from The NY Fancy Food Festival...That is how I found these wonderful Marshmallows...
Sweet, soft, light clouds...That is just the best way I can describe the flavor and texture of the most wonderful Butter Baked Goods Marshmallow from Canada.

I just had a computer fry on me...everything is gone...even the magic of supergeeks could not wake it up...instead of crying I ate a whole bunch of the strawberry marshmallows and guess what? I feel better! they are magic!
Come to Red Pineapple soon...
I have toasted Coconut, Strawberry, Mint - so good with my decaf at night and the Classic but oh so not boring Vanilla...Come in for a sample, you will leave with a bag...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dog Toys and Bowls for your Fido...

I could not resist showing you the PUGG dog toy for all you UGG lovers out there...

And since you have all the toys you need how about about somewhere to put their leash..okay that is cute...

I never had very smart dogs...mine would surely try to get at these bones...

Sit Bark Play...Shop! xoxo Nalani

New stuff for your pooch...Fluffy or Killer will love these just the same...The Designer Haute Diggity Dog Toys.. Now fully stocked. $13.00 each!

See you and your furry babies soon! xoxo Nalani