Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

KGMB - Lei Chic

Did you see us this morning? Our wine tags were on Lei Chic...along with wonderful wines with silly/quirky/naughty names..So if you are going to pick up Fat Bastard, Seven Deadly Zins, Evil or Bitch be sure to come to Red Pineapple for some appropriate wine tags...Cheers

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I did not forget you!

You can tell by this blog we have been swamped, I am working on getting our website fully functional. You should be able to purchase from the site with my new shopping cart by the end of the month!

I have been shopping so don't worry!

We have some great silver metal horses in the store, have you seen them and oh my baskets galore!
As of today we still have a few, and yes I mean like 3 patterns of Siggs all .6 We should have a new shipment in 10 days or so!
See you in Red Pineapple!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looking for Red Pineapple People

Do you love Red Pineapple? Are you Fabulous...would you fit right in? Would you like to work here??
We are now hiring! You must have a great personality, must be available nights and weekends, must love Red Pineapple. We love people who can think on their feet and are creative thinkers. Honesty and Punctuality a must. If you are interesting in applying please send your resume or very convincing letter to please be sure to include your phone number we will call you...don't call schedule an interview! Serious applicants only please. Cheers, Nalani

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I never saw a Dragonfly that looked like this!

So, we have always had customers asking if we carry jewelry and I always have said...No...until today! I have known Tina for quite some time as she is true Red Pineapple addict. You probably know her too, statuesque, beauty with that "it" thing that we all love about wonderful stylish, gracious women. Well...she makes the most super fabulous jewelry. As you know I only fill the store with things I love, things that I would want to have or give...I am thrilled to have these wearable lovelies in the store. Come take a peek, one for you and one for your mom.

Dragonfly creations are one-of-a-kind specialty pieces for individuals who wear jewelry for healing and not just adornment. Crystals, Pearls, Organic Stones and Natural Jades, all elements of the earth have spiritual and healing properties that when combined with ones own physical chemistry emotes an incredible energy of light aura.Beauty is healing…. so when someone notices your Aura through a special piece of Dragonfly Jewelry you then further be-gift others with your own healing energy. may have seen Tina's Dragonfly creations before, she use to sell her creations in a wonderful art gallery in Chinatown...I am partial to the chunky bracelets, Jade, Amethyst and Turquoise. Pretty Pretty Tina, thank you for sharing your talent with Red Pineapple!

We have had so many customers ask for jewelry, especially for our Birthday baskets so this is a great addition to our mix of goodies. Come in an sneak a peek! Cheers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

DailyCandy and other delicious goodies

Wow I feel like such a press hog! First we had a fab super fab write up in the Advertiser, with a super cute picture of our aprons, okay so I was afraid to post it on this blog because they are just selling like crazy! And I have run out of them TWICE...don't worry I have more coming this week.

THEN my other company got onto DailyCandy last week, okay just a LITTLE crazy busy with that! Awesome Awesome, thank you DailyCandy for loving my little melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

And there is more! a Terrific Mother's Day plug by one of our super wonderful Red Pineapple fans...Hapa Hale Blog...What? You do not know what that is... take a peek, stay in the loop... more later, I will post my own picks for mom's day tomorrow...cheers and thank you to all the Red Pineapple fans!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here is the article from Midweek, I got some calls that people could not open it from the link! Sorry!

Wednesday - April 09, 2008 By Sarah Pacheco
Spring cleaning has officially invaded closets around Hawaii. While some people relish digging through drawers and dressers, others cringe at the thought of the loads of laundry they will have to dispose of somehow.
That’s where Nalani McLaughlin Holliday comes in. Better known for her creative and eclectic specialty boutique Red Pineapple and own line of tasty treats called Auntie Nalani’s Cookies, Holliday has decided to lend a hand to her customers this year by putting on a clothing drive. And if the in-store discount doesn’t get people in the door, knowing that their used clothing will be donated to several charities both here and abroad certainly will. “Anytime you see people give, it makes you feel good,” Holliday says with a smile. “I am hoping everyone who takes part in this project feels good.”
One do-gooder close to Holliday’s heart is Oprah Winfrey. Stepping into the Ward location, many of the shop’s shelves are lined with products recommended straight from O magazine. In fact, it is the new reality show Oprah’s Big Give (Holliday and husband Christopher have been addicted since the show’s premiere last month) that motivated Holliday to start a giving project that would also get her customers involved.
“I want people to think outside of the box, and I want to inspire others to do good, to give and to say thank you to others that are helping,” says Holliday.
So when employee Natasha Senieur approached Holliday last month and said she wanted to help the Sirende orphanage in Africa, Holliday realized this was her “ah-ha” moment, the time when she could use her store as her own big give vehicle and have customers get on board.
“I know people have huge hearts out there,” she firmly avows. “It is apparent that sometimes people need to be pointed in the giving direction, to open up their wallets and hearts. I also think you should move toward and reach out to projects that make your heart smile.”
All donated keiki clothing will be shipped to the African orphanage, while Holliday and her employees will sort through and give the remaining garments to local agencies PATH (Perinatal Addiction Treatment of Hawaii), Dress for Success and Catholic Charities.
Bring in a bag of clean, unwanted clothing to Red Pineapple (located ground level next to Borders in Ward Centre) now through April 21 and not only will you have a chance to free up some closet space for a good cause, you’ll get 10 percent off all purchases. For more information, call 593-2733 or visit

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just can't find the right words...well, Red Pineapple just got in some very sassy, fun, but...very adult stationary...I mean unexpectedly naughty!

Let me just say that there are a few "F" words in there...If you are in the store you may need to ask for them, we have them out of reach from smaller hands and young eyes. I found them in a little-itty bitty stationary store on Abbot Kinney...a great little street in LA filled with delightful boutiques, Red Pineapple really wants to open there!
These cards are sassy, naughty and probably only fit for your REALLY close friends. However, with that said I sold half of what I brought in on the first evening I unpacked them...The funny thing is the cards are just beautiful so there is a bit of tongue-in-cheek comedy as the words written in flawless letterpress are just so Wrong! Who would think the word "slut" could look so impeccably beautiful!
We have single cards, small note pads and post-its...
Okay enough about for something NICE...
Oh my we have about 12 huge garbage bags filled with clothes...the clothing drive is going great! thank you to everyone who has wanted to make a difference. If you missed it, there was a great article in Midweek this week..

Have a great Saturday...More tomorrow

Monday, March 31, 2008

Envirosaxs be green

We got so many goodies last weeks I couldn't put it all in one blog so I will be filling you in everyday this week!

Oh yeah, we have 5 bags of clothes so far...for our clothing drive, clean out your closet and come shopping, get 10% off! Your clothes will be going to emergency agencies and the kids clothes are going to an African Orphanage...
So, here are the new Envirosax...lots of new colors and six from the kids will need more than one! Why are Envirosax so great? Because they roll up really small so you can tuck them into your purse and never be with out a bag when you go to the grocery store..
One more thing, come an visit me at the trade show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday ...The Honolulu Gift Show at Blaisdell! Red Pineapple will have the prettiest booth!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Can I get an Ohh Laa Laa??

Okay so everything we have been waiting for finally arrived! New Rosanna. Here are a few pictures, everything is so cute, I took home one of each. God I am so spoiled, I love it!!

We also finally got in Envirosax after being out for about 3 months, yes they literally had to find the fabric, cut and sew em! Here are some pictures of the new great fabrics you are going to love them, get some for everyone you know and help them BE GREEN... with a little ohh laa laa of course!

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Aprons...

Okay so you may have seen my fabulous aprons a few weeks ago! We just got a new shipment in, these make great Birthday gifts for the girl that has everything...We sold lots of them for Easter too! What a delightful Easter Hostess gift..

We also just got a new shipment of Stephanie Johnson...Not sure who she is? She makes fantastic cosmetic bags, for the spoiled girls out there that need something snazzy to travel with, they are so pretty and girly chic you are going to want to keep your make-up in them all the time not just when you are on a trip. I have several shapes and sizes come take a peek and take one home..arrive at Red Pineapple with some used/loved clothes and get 10% off your purchases...we are having a clothing drive so take advantage of cleaning out your closets and get a discount as a happy thank you from Red Pineapple....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Okay! I am so is the deal...We need clothes! One of my girls here at the store wants to help a Orphanage in Africa.
SO ! I thought lets have a clothing drive.
Go thru your closet...if you bring me a bag of clothes here at the store between today and the April 20th you will get a big surprise! The first time ever you will get a 10% discount! Yes that is right a 10% discount. We want you to clean out your closet so you can make room for new goodies!
I don't have any children which is what we REALLY need! kids clothes! the orphanage we are helping services 80 kids...But have no fear we want clothes of all shapes and sizes...we are going to ACT GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY!
How you may ask?? Any clothes that work for the orphanage will be going there all the rest of the clothes we get will be going to local agencies that help! Domestic Violence Action Center and the PATH clinic and two others will benefit...hey more later okay...gotta get to the store...wanna help? email me and I will tell you the mean time..get to your closet! Cheers! Nalani

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Purse Hooks!

Finally after two months of being out, we just got our purse hooks in. They are new and improved with a longer hook to fit on wider tables. These are great girlfriend gifts at at $18.00 what a steal! See you in Red Pineapple!...opps forgot pictures will post those in a bit...nalani

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Okay now these are cute!! Just in...Bride or Groom Wedding Day Survival kits...So clever!Filled with a convenient collection of emergency essentials for the blushing bride, this essentials kit makes the perfect gift for: bridal party or bridal gift - bride to be. The kit can be re-used after the wedding for honeymoon, to keep at the office and filled with practical every day items.With these essentials by her side, a bride can be prepared for virtually any emergency on her wedding day and beyond. Includes 30 items: hair spray, static guard, pins, bobby pins, super glue, kleenex, breath mints, tampons, deodorant, hem tape, straw, sewing kit, toothpaste and much, much more! In the Groom Box there is a spare pair of sock, extra wedding bands, shaving cream, asprin...a great gift for the nervous groom or the groom that needs to be prepared for everything. I think it is a great practical thing for a bridesmaid to have, just in case you will be able to save the day from any crisis...

I have a great story on that note. One of my very good friends got married at the Halekulani...and they are prepared for anything...she pulled a dress out of the dry cleaning bag for her rehersal dinner and there was a huge spot on it...we all paniced and called housekeeping. They said they would send someone right up. With in what felt like seconds a man appeared at out door. In lab-coat, I am not joking, he put on white gloves and opened an elaborate emergency cleaning kit and very calmly removed the stain. As I recall three of us girls stood there huddled together in our bathrobes watching the magic. Ten minutes later we were walking downstairs without a stain in site....thank god for the prepared! Just incase you do not have a labcoat emergency team this little box is all you will need!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Surprises from New York

Surprises from New York...DiCamillo Biscotti, Flat Bread and Biscotti. Can I just say I had Biscotti for breakfast...Lemon Biscotti, Chocolate Dipped for Lunch and Flat Bread for a snack this afternoon, lets just say I did not need to eat dinner. These are such a treat, and a great addition to our gift baskets...Come in and a few you are going to love them

Friday, February 29, 2008

Fashionable Coffee

Hi there ladies...We got in more CupCoutures today! Come in and get yours...then, when you got to Starbucks say no to the cardboard sleeve...I go to the SB three times a day! yes, I know caffeine-head, If you take all that card board and add it up it will probably reach the moon three times or something crazy like that. Be green and FASHIONABLE! They make great gifts and for $12.oo each you don't need to wait for a reason, make your friend or your co-workers day for no reason at all! Cheers and see you in Red Pineapple soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teaposy, a pretty little drink

Just in! Teaposy....after many customer requests Red Pineapple will now be carrying Teaposy. A fine white tea..In a word I would call it neat...probably the neatest thing I have seen...and surprise it tastes great! Here is a description from their website: Teaposy is dedicated to the art and craft of tea, with an ever-expanding selection that any tea-lover can appreciate. Their wide variety of blooming, loose-leaf, sachet, and bagged teas are made from only the finest tea leaves and most fragrant flowers for a unique tea experience. No matter what the occasion, there is a Teaposy tea to meet your needs. Spend a relaxing afternoon with a bloomed teaposy, an evening with one of the Concert Series, or enjoy one of the Daily Teas for a morning cup....They look so pretty! I got one of our Dean & Deluca clear mugs so I can really get a look at my flowering tea! See you in Red Pineapple! Nalani

Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Cooking

Have you had the Dean & Deluca Rubs??? They were featured in Honolulu Magazine and, yes you can only get them at Red Pineapple...I really like the Poultry Rub and the Barbecue don't really need to be limited to Rubbing 'em on stuff! I am making chicken soup tonight and I used the Poultry Rub in the base, it is so fragrant and just adds a little more chickeny-ness... Before the Police concert...did you go? we had Hamburgers and I put the Barbecue Rub in the meat oh yummy! What a great flavor!
Cheers, my soup is ready! - Nalani

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little Twig is in!

Hi there...we made some great baskets that I just had to share with you. For Valentines Day we had a really great Gift Basket with a beautiful love note, I did not read it! But oh how I was tempted!

I also just got a big shipment of Little Twig, Lots of the girls in the store just love the bubble bath and use it as a great smelling bath gel. I have lots of samples in the store of the lotion and the other goodies by Little will be our blog secret so come into the store and ask for some samples!!
We also just unpacked some Easter goodies, can you believe it is only a month away! what is going on here! See you in Red Pineapple!
Cheers and Give Good Goodies, Nalani

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calling all Kitchen Divas and Hostess Hotties

hi there okay that last email was way too much of a tease! So here are some pictures of my fabulous you are going to run over to Red Pineapple now and get one... I have four. God I am just too spoiled. My pal Rita said that she thinks her food actually tastes better with the apron on. ! Hey what ever it takes right! Now go be a Diva in that kitchen and invite the neighborhood!