Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Baby...Santa Baby...Santa has goodies for baby!

The littlest plush rattles for the littlest ones on your list..$8.50. Who says all toys have motors...lets get back to the classics and wonderful basics. These pull toys are an instant hit! $20.00You may want to help color these in! All the alphabet letters in a tear off pad, so much fun! $25.00A-Z alphabet book...such great illustrations!
Thank you santa...

Monday, November 29, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Did you get your Christmas tree!?

Now that you have the most beautiful tree..

Lots of Snowmen!
And Santas!
Pigs Penguins and Seahorses too!
New Parisian Kids puzzles for little stockings...

Don't Forget...we deliver with sparkle!
Red Pineapple

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lunch bunch for the cool kids...and big kids too...never buy ziplocks again! whoohoo

These super cute Lunchskins can be reused and wash them right in the dishwasher! Foodsafe but you can use them for anything! Snack size Sandwich size and one a bit bigger!


And new Tatcha by popular demand!

These delicate blotting papers were in Oprah and I had about a dozen girls come in for them! Great addition to our bath and body baskets, get rid of the T-zone! 30 sheets for $12.00

xoxo Nalani

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alice are you there?? It me Red Pineapple!

A little something something from Alice Supply Co.!
I know you hate to do chores so I found some goodies to make them a bit more exciting, a lot prettier and yes I think they will be less difficult to face with these treats...I have the striped bucket at my front door to hold our much for using it for housework! Ha Ha! As seen in Oprah, Metropolitan Home and Real Simple...Now as seen in Red Pineapple! Yippie!
Get your hands in the dirt...or atleast use these lovely tools after a manicure...$30.00
Mop bucket? Oh too pretty...Champagne bucket, oh yes! $40.00 with a matching broom for $26.00. I think I DO love housework!

xoxo Nalani

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christmas Teaser Event! SALE!

Do you miss Santa and Snowmen? We do too!

Christmas is coming for the weekend and it is all on sale!!!

This Friday Saturday and Sunday
August 13, 14 and 15th...
ALL our Christmas goodies are coming out to play, even the retired Krinkles...all are 25% off!
We are moving our warehouse so I want to clear things out! Consider it an early Christmas Present for you!
Treats all weekend long! Ice Tea Sampling, Cupcakes, East Shore Pretzels too!
Beautiful ornaments just arrived from the Czech Republic...yes these will be on sale this weekend, so light, hand beautiful.

XOXO See you this weekend! You will LOVE EVERYTHING!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Buzz

Red Pineapple loves summertime because all the colors under the rainbow get to come out to play! Just got in lots of new office stuff, Mari Mari and Thomas Paul, great cards, note pads, desk blotters that have pretty calenders...beautiful time to get organized!
After so many requests I finally brought in some fun new bath stuff from Thymes! Hand creme, body washes, bar soaps, and very nice candles...easy sweet smelling gifts! Agave Nectar is a great clean citrus...sweet and fresh!
And everyone's favorite...Lavender oh the bath salts work great as drawer fragrances...pop a sachet in and all your clothes smell wonderful.
Kimono Rose seems to be the crowd favorite, soft floral, not too sweet, just right...
And new goodies for your furry babies...It is so funny because I would never say "I'm going to order some pet brushes.." BUT when I open a catalog up and I see these I say- OH MY GOODNESS look at these brushes shaped like bones! We HAVE to have these!!! Ha Ha yes, my cats Teddy and Steve approve...and they got new cat bowls too!
As seen in O magazine, Twist and Pout lip balm...smells great and only seven dollars, great party favors!
If you have not seen this you have not been in the store this month!! what are you waiting for silly? An invitation?? Okay Okay!! You are invited!! Hurry up silly!
Oh look at these new Hat Boxes from NYC great for packing gifts in...who says a gift basket need to be a "basket" these are so much fun!
Rough week? Pick up these band-aids, They are cute and remind you to
Keep Calm and Carry On!
Some times we just need a reminder!
We just got these totes back in stock...we have been using them for some fun deliveries! Fill it up with Candies and Treats and the day will surely improve!
Cheers! see you soon!
Nalani Holliday

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's new?

Red Pineapple has been sooo busy! We even brought a mini Red Pineapple store to Maui...Sold lots and ate with the girls at THE best places...xoxo
....this kind of captures how much fun we had....Maui girls...of all ages loved a taste of Red Pineapple! Do you live on Maui? send me an email and let me know what I should bring with me next time!
We have been making so many baskets everyday! Do you need one? They are all made to this!
We got in some really beautiful French soap...yes from France, and they arrived with ugly wrapping...So one of my wonderful girls has been rubber stamping like a mad woman...and look! oh la la Voila!
Seven fragrances...including Mint, Banana, Coconut, Lavender...Come and smell them all. Oh yes and the bars are hard milled and big. $12.oo

New Cards From Tokyo Milk...summertime is a great time to catch up with your notes you should have written but never got around to doing...These cards will remind you why we love getting sweet notes laced inbetween the bills. Hand glitered $6.00
Elmo is here...and the other seseme street guys!
New and back in stock fun stuff from Fred, just in time for your BBQ!
I can't get enough of the fun stuff from Fred!
See you soon! Nalani