Friday, February 29, 2008

Fashionable Coffee

Hi there ladies...We got in more CupCoutures today! Come in and get yours...then, when you got to Starbucks say no to the cardboard sleeve...I go to the SB three times a day! yes, I know caffeine-head, If you take all that card board and add it up it will probably reach the moon three times or something crazy like that. Be green and FASHIONABLE! They make great gifts and for $12.oo each you don't need to wait for a reason, make your friend or your co-workers day for no reason at all! Cheers and see you in Red Pineapple soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teaposy, a pretty little drink

Just in! Teaposy....after many customer requests Red Pineapple will now be carrying Teaposy. A fine white tea..In a word I would call it neat...probably the neatest thing I have seen...and surprise it tastes great! Here is a description from their website: Teaposy is dedicated to the art and craft of tea, with an ever-expanding selection that any tea-lover can appreciate. Their wide variety of blooming, loose-leaf, sachet, and bagged teas are made from only the finest tea leaves and most fragrant flowers for a unique tea experience. No matter what the occasion, there is a Teaposy tea to meet your needs. Spend a relaxing afternoon with a bloomed teaposy, an evening with one of the Concert Series, or enjoy one of the Daily Teas for a morning cup....They look so pretty! I got one of our Dean & Deluca clear mugs so I can really get a look at my flowering tea! See you in Red Pineapple! Nalani

Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Cooking

Have you had the Dean & Deluca Rubs??? They were featured in Honolulu Magazine and, yes you can only get them at Red Pineapple...I really like the Poultry Rub and the Barbecue don't really need to be limited to Rubbing 'em on stuff! I am making chicken soup tonight and I used the Poultry Rub in the base, it is so fragrant and just adds a little more chickeny-ness... Before the Police concert...did you go? we had Hamburgers and I put the Barbecue Rub in the meat oh yummy! What a great flavor!
Cheers, my soup is ready! - Nalani

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Little Twig is in!

Hi there...we made some great baskets that I just had to share with you. For Valentines Day we had a really great Gift Basket with a beautiful love note, I did not read it! But oh how I was tempted!

I also just got a big shipment of Little Twig, Lots of the girls in the store just love the bubble bath and use it as a great smelling bath gel. I have lots of samples in the store of the lotion and the other goodies by Little will be our blog secret so come into the store and ask for some samples!!
We also just unpacked some Easter goodies, can you believe it is only a month away! what is going on here! See you in Red Pineapple!
Cheers and Give Good Goodies, Nalani

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Calling all Kitchen Divas and Hostess Hotties

hi there okay that last email was way too much of a tease! So here are some pictures of my fabulous you are going to run over to Red Pineapple now and get one... I have four. God I am just too spoiled. My pal Rita said that she thinks her food actually tastes better with the apron on. ! Hey what ever it takes right! Now go be a Diva in that kitchen and invite the neighborhood!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm back in all my Red Pineapple Glory.. I got a few emails from those wondering "Hey! Why aren't you Blogging when you said you would?" ! Okay so here I am I vow to send you Weekly updates..AND if you want to get on my private Red Pineapple People Email list send me your email via my site and I will send you product updates that may or may-not make this blog...How is that for a big Tease!
Okay so I have been to LA twice in 3 weeks. What does that mean for you? Lots of new things coming to Red Pineapple.
First I hit the Blue Carpet (AKA LA gift show)...Wow. Lots of new goodies. Lots from Lollia who always surprises me. I got the entire line, yes even all those luscious bar soaps. Will let you know when all of that has arrived.
There are some new fragrances as well. So light and true to the brand...You will be addicted of course.

I also found Heavenly Hostess. Oh my, all the women in my family are getting one for their birthdays as we all entertain like madwomen and no party hostess with the mostess will be complete with out one of these spectacular (yes, appropriate word usage here) aprons. Now most of us think of aprons as purely functional. My friends and family know that I am a scarf wearing chef with a well worn cotton number that is far from fashionable. So when I came home from LA I made a beeline for the kitchen. I may have even had my carry on in one hand for sure i had not stopped to take those heels off...anyhow, I ripped open the kitchen drawer and declared a heartless good bye to my cotton aprons fit only for Betty Crocker. Straight they went into the trash. It was quite liberating. Meanwhile Christopher looked at me and said..."honey did you have too much champagne on the plane?"
"Oh no dear but sit right down and let me tell you about the satin, silk, organza, sequin and sashed aprons I have ordered ...they were on Desperate Housewives and let me tell you no woman who owns a spatula or wooden bowl will be able to live with out these aprons. Even if they do not know how to operate a spatula they will need an apron... "

So I got the aprons in last week and sold all of them the day before Valentines Day. Don't worry, I have more on the way girls so If you do not already own a spatula or a whisk you should get one immediately so you can at least look the part ....
I also brought back some Italian Soap, They smell so good you may want to eat them. Lemon, Peach, Tomato ( I know it sounds weird but is smells like a garden) Pomegranate. The bars are kind of firm, I am finding they last a really long time. Love them.