Monday, March 9, 2009

Bring it on!

Okay so I am picking it up a notch. Tired of the blah blah of the news ....the down down of the stocks the bad bad of everything else?? Well step right up girls and keep your chin up and find your way to my happy place. We just got in some really great goodies and we have so many more things keep your eyes on the blog but even better come to the store... I will be sharing my wine on friday nights so come in for a little gossip, conversation and oh yes the best gifts and goodies on the island. Yes, I know the next store I will be planning a lovely living room so there will be space for everyone to really kick back, have a sip, a chat and a happy, love the red pineapple..xoxo nalani...oh yeah, in the meantime...get something pretty to organize your stuff!

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