Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alice are you there?? It me Red Pineapple!

A little something something from Alice Supply Co.!
I know you hate to do chores so I found some goodies to make them a bit more exciting, a lot prettier and yes I think they will be less difficult to face with these treats...I have the striped bucket at my front door to hold our much for using it for housework! Ha Ha! As seen in Oprah, Metropolitan Home and Real Simple...Now as seen in Red Pineapple! Yippie!
Get your hands in the dirt...or atleast use these lovely tools after a manicure...$30.00
Mop bucket? Oh too pretty...Champagne bucket, oh yes! $40.00 with a matching broom for $26.00. I think I DO love housework!

xoxo Nalani

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