Saturday, January 23, 2010

Okay girly girls...just came back from a FABULOUS trip ...ah yes! A BUYING TRIP for all of you! You cannot see in these pictures but all of this line has a little bit of dazzling glitter..
Great stationary in stock, gift tags and phone logs that are so cute, it is a message book that is actually post-its!

Little gift cards and velum envelopes...all sprinkled with a little glitter...$3.00

Three days of bliss! Shopping Shopping Shopping punctuated only by some champagne and Chocolate Souffle. See the dedication to you! God I love my job!
I got a little bit of terrific art work, great for your walls or your favorite BFF.
So what is coming? Okay truth is, some of it is already arriving!! So keep an eye on my blog I will keep you posted for now...
I got lots of great paper stuff for all my Stationary hungry sisters. Pretty Pretty Folders, Address Books and all kinds of lovely journals. Come and see. these are tins filled with 18 great postcards...whimsy will love them and they are only $18.00 for the set. Little note pads for notes to your who you need to shop for in Red Pineapple!
Something pretty to file those ugly taxes in!
Look at these goodies for your kitchen...lots of new goodies from Surat. This is a Pepper or Salt Grinder...I know you love it right!
And how about this cutie, she is a Soap Dispenser for your kitchen dishes...Okay So she won't DO the dishes but it help that she is so adorable!
Keep a close eye on this blog so you can keep up with the newest goodies...I will post some Valentine's and Easter goodness in a few days!

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