Monday, May 24, 2010

New Stuff from Surat/Pylones

Wahoo! New goodies from Surat/ gifts! I just went to their NY store, and loved EVERYTHING so I hurried up and ORDERED! come in and see the goodies! Here is a peek..What! a snake bike lock? I love it, now I MUST to buy a bike...hope you have one!
As seen in it a dog? Is it a pie server?
She will make doing dishes much easier...She can hold your soap! Tip her over and your dishsoap pours out of her head...who are the people that think of these things???So much fun
Oh yes new stuff just for you...okay for me too! Because you know I only buy the stuff that I really what ever you see here, I've already got at home! Wahoo!
For the bride and groom...this will encourage equal housework...right?
Keep an eye on another post in a bit!

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