Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Okay! I am so inspired...here is the deal...We need clothes! One of my girls here at the store wants to help a Orphanage in Africa.
SO ! I thought lets have a clothing drive.
Go thru your closet...if you bring me a bag of clothes here at the store between today and the April 20th you will get a big surprise! The first time ever you will get a 10% discount! Yes that is right a 10% discount. We want you to clean out your closet so you can make room for new goodies!
I don't have any children which is what we REALLY need! kids clothes! the orphanage we are helping services 80 kids...But have no fear we want clothes of all shapes and sizes...we are going to ACT GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY!
How you may ask?? Any clothes that work for the orphanage will be going there all the rest of the clothes we get will be going to local agencies that help! Domestic Violence Action Center and the PATH clinic and two others will benefit...hey more later okay...gotta get to the store...wanna help? email me and I will tell you how...in the mean time..get to your closet! Cheers! Nalani

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