Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Okay now these are cute!! Just in...Bride or Groom Wedding Day Survival kits...So clever!Filled with a convenient collection of emergency essentials for the blushing bride, this essentials kit makes the perfect gift for: bridal party or bridal gift - bride to be. The kit can be re-used after the wedding for honeymoon, to keep at the office and filled with practical every day items.With these essentials by her side, a bride can be prepared for virtually any emergency on her wedding day and beyond. Includes 30 items: hair spray, static guard, pins, bobby pins, super glue, kleenex, breath mints, tampons, deodorant, hem tape, straw, sewing kit, toothpaste and much, much more! In the Groom Box there is a spare pair of sock, extra wedding bands, shaving cream, asprin...a great gift for the nervous groom or the groom that needs to be prepared for everything. I think it is a great practical thing for a bridesmaid to have, just in case you will be able to save the day from any crisis...

I have a great story on that note. One of my very good friends got married at the Halekulani...and they are prepared for anything...she pulled a dress out of the dry cleaning bag for her rehersal dinner and there was a huge spot on it...we all paniced and called housekeeping. They said they would send someone right up. With in what felt like seconds a man appeared at out door. In lab-coat, I am not joking, he put on white gloves and opened an elaborate emergency cleaning kit and very calmly removed the stain. As I recall three of us girls stood there huddled together in our bathrobes watching the magic. Ten minutes later we were walking downstairs without a stain in site....thank god for the prepared! Just incase you do not have a labcoat emergency team this little box is all you will need!

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