Monday, May 5, 2008

DailyCandy and other delicious goodies

Wow I feel like such a press hog! First we had a fab super fab write up in the Advertiser, with a super cute picture of our aprons, okay so I was afraid to post it on this blog because they are just selling like crazy! And I have run out of them TWICE...don't worry I have more coming this week.

THEN my other company got onto DailyCandy last week, okay just a LITTLE crazy busy with that! Awesome Awesome, thank you DailyCandy for loving my little melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

And there is more! a Terrific Mother's Day plug by one of our super wonderful Red Pineapple fans...Hapa Hale Blog...What? You do not know what that is... take a peek, stay in the loop... more later, I will post my own picks for mom's day tomorrow...cheers and thank you to all the Red Pineapple fans!

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