Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I never saw a Dragonfly that looked like this!

So, we have always had customers asking if we carry jewelry and I always have said...No...until today! I have known Tina for quite some time as she is true Red Pineapple addict. You probably know her too, statuesque, beauty with that "it" thing that we all love about wonderful stylish, gracious women. Well...she makes the most super fabulous jewelry. As you know I only fill the store with things I love, things that I would want to have or give...I am thrilled to have these wearable lovelies in the store. Come take a peek, one for you and one for your mom.

Dragonfly creations are one-of-a-kind specialty pieces for individuals who wear jewelry for healing and not just adornment. Crystals, Pearls, Organic Stones and Natural Jades, all elements of the earth have spiritual and healing properties that when combined with ones own physical chemistry emotes an incredible energy of light aura.Beauty is healing…. so when someone notices your Aura through a special piece of Dragonfly Jewelry you then further be-gift others with your own healing energy. may have seen Tina's Dragonfly creations before, she use to sell her creations in a wonderful art gallery in Chinatown...I am partial to the chunky bracelets, Jade, Amethyst and Turquoise. Pretty Pretty Tina, thank you for sharing your talent with Red Pineapple!

We have had so many customers ask for jewelry, especially for our Birthday baskets so this is a great addition to our mix of goodies. Come in an sneak a peek! Cheers.

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