Friday, July 31, 2009

Oranges, kiwis and tomatos sure are nice

Hi there...lots of new things arrived this week at Red Pineapple! Look at these super kool cutting boards made of tempered glass...they are unbreakable. Multi-functional cutting boards that are heat resistant for your hot pots and make awesome serving trays. They should have been called something like 3 in 1 fun and fabulous kitchen goodness...or something like that. We have had them in rectangular shapes and one pattern in the round shape but they did so well I had to get a few more pattern...$38.00
And more for the kitchen. Check out this colander that folds flat into your drawer. I got it in Pink because...who else has a PINK colander??? $25.00
This will make a great wedding gift and is my favorite gift... ah..right now. I have one in MY kitchen because god I sure have a lot of stuff in my kitchen and I NEED space friendly kitchen stuff and oh yeah, totally cute and colorful. Feeling inspired gotta go now and bake a cake...see you at Red Pineapple. $55.00

PS Wine and cheese TONIGHT at Red Pineapple...come for a visit!

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