Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween, Green and Christmas

First things first, just unpacked Glasses in from Oprah's O list...delicate, beautiful, come for one or...six. It is that time of year...Christmas is coming just as the last bits of our Spooky Halloween goodies are being snached up.

Gifts and goodies for the Holidays are coming in by the boxload!! And everything smells good, looks good, feels good and will just plain make you happy!
Great gift. Glass candle log. Two sizes that hold 3 candle or 5. Gift of the week for anyone on your list.

Also got some really good gifts from Roost. New hand painted glasses. A glass Water bottle so if you need to be green with the bold "look of plastic" this is for you..I saw it in a magazine but can't find the clipping so if you see the press it got could you email it to me!! thank you.

So many new things I will do a few posts this weekend so you can get caught up! Where are you anyway? Come into the store and fill up on the goodness. Happy joy JOY! nalani

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