Saturday, September 26, 2009

School of Chocolate

So I know you have had the traditional Mariebelle Hot Chocolate...No? Well lets start here...
MarieBelle™ Aztec Hot Chocolate is made with rich, single-origin Colombian cacao. This smoky, perfectly smooth hot chocolate ...Remarkably, easy to prepare, mix with boiling water to create a full-flavored cup of European-style hot chocolate, or with milk for more traditional American-style hot chocolate. Refrigerate the European version to transform into a dark Creme de Chocolat, perfect alone or in pies.

Now that you have had the best Hot Chocolate EVER lets push the envelope!

Like Tea? Love Chocolate
How about trying some
Dark Obsession Chocolate Rose Tea
Black Ceylon tea is deliciously flavored with chocolate extract, and embellished with pink roses. Delightful and sweet.

Too much chocolate, we have a lovely Jasmine tea for you...

Not your cup of tea, you say "I'm more of a coffee person myself"
Got something for you too my dear...

Cafe Copan
MarieBelle introduces a single origin Honduran coffee shade- grown in the highest mountains and impeccably roasted then presented to you in a beautiful red and gold tin. Medium and dark roasted coffee in three delicious blends: MarieBelle Copan Espresso, Copan Regular, and Copan Regular with Chocolate Infusion.

Let me just say it is like dessert and your morning coffee in the same cup..

What? Dessert? Oh we have that covered too.

Not only do we have the traditional Mariebelle Chocolate bars but we now have MarieBelle New York's Biscuits au Chocolate which are delightfully crispy and buttery biscuits that impart a warm chocolaty flavor with each crunchy bite. These confections are perfect an as accompaniment to mid-day tea, or to simply enjoy out of the box.

Need a little more chocolate education? Best way to learn is to eat it! Come and get some today!

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